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How to study English properly

inggrisMany people think that English is a difficult thing to learn, but in fact, English is not be something that is difficult when taught with a right basic concept. Most English teachers often treat English lessons like History, Geography, and Math. Children students are required to memorize vocabulary, tenses formula, and patterns of sentences which of course makes them even more dizzy. Once memorized, the next projection is work on the tests. Hopefully, through tiring rote-memorization that were already passed, they were able to get a high score in the test.
When in fact not be like that, and these errors could be interpreted that we often do not understand what the basic concept for real English learning. Language is the ability or skill. It is not only studied, it is found.

If students weighed on activity and rote memorization, and on examination they could do the exam with a perfect score, then some teachers assumed immediately that they could speak English, but I think the assumption was not appropriate. But if they could listen to text with precise, skilled in reading, eloquent, and beautiful in writing, then that is what is meant as getting skill. Certainly many people who think that memorizing vocabulary is the gateway to success in learning English. Does without memorizing the student will not be able to use English? I think the main point is not on memorization, but the practice.

Learning languages is the same as learning cycling. They practice, instead of studying the theories of cycling and memorizing the parts of the bike. Why should they understand the theory and why should they memorize all the parts, if they are incapable of cycling? After seeing the reality that occured in the field, that most of the students who have earned vocabulary in their minds, didn’t directly use what they got, we can know that listening, reading, and speaking practices are the better ways in studying English.