The ins and outs of private tutoring, is it really worth it?

maths tuitionAccording to the good schools guide the average cost of private tuition is around £40, which for one hour might be considered quite a lot especially if having several hours a week, this can amount to in some households a small wage. The question though is should paying for the additional tuition become worth it in the long run?

With the rising cost of education in the UK it has become even more difficult to achieve a decent level of education and that doesn’t show any signs of changing. With these additional costs comes more pressure to succeed. Hiring a private tutor might be best done if analysis into which subjects require more learning practices, for instance maths tuition might be better focused on if the learner is struggling with patterns and arithmetic where as an English tutor might be needed for those that struggle more with reading. If on a tight budget the subjects the learner is weaker at can be worked on, whilst extra out of school teaching can be done via revision without additional costs.

Funding for additional tuition

The campaign has been ongoing in the UK to allow grants for additional tuition and is showing no signs of changing since 2007 when Alan Johnson the educational secretary that year made plans to provide extra provision for struggling students. With rising tuition fees the tax payers in the UK will expect better in school tuition which may cut out the need for additional tuition which may allow focus more on additional tuition in weaker subjects.

Learning methods and unique private tuition

Whether private tuition is beneficial can often come down to factors between the student having additional lessons and the tutor that is teaching them. For instance, a tutor should adapt their learning techniques to fit the students requirements. Students can be visual learnings, requiring graphics and pictures as aids in order to get the most out of their learning experience. Auditory learners will be better taught by a speaker, perhaps having a better feeling for sounds and music whereas a more hands on learning will benefit from being shown things. So long as the combination of learning methods is suited to the student then the tutor will be well worth the weight in gold.

One thing that should be a major consideration when choosing to spend money on extra tuition is whether it will pay for itself. For example, qualifying in certain subjects may lead to a career path that might have a much bigger financial benefit than others. A good piece of advice is to draw up a plan, starting with the career the student is aiming for, followed by the tuition fees and then the costs for additional tuition, if it pays for itself within 10 years then you may consider it worth it.

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